Woman standing in front of a faded yellow wall wearing a flower printed long sleeve dress with black leather studded belt and crossbody bag.

이번 시즌 우리는 80년대 펑크에서 영감을 받아 강렬한 프린트, 페미닌한 드레스, 유니섹스 스타일의 블레이저를 선보입니다. 화사한 봄 분위기가 느껴지는 3월 신상품 컬렉션을 룩북으로 미리 만나보세요.

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Black and white portrait of a woman wearing a black leather biker jacket over a printed dress.
Woman resting against a wall near a window and wearing a dot printed beige dress with a leopard print belt and black leather boots.
Image of a woman standing outside wearing a khaki jacket opened over a short printed dress and leather boots.